Welcome To the Future of Online Backup

Our Online Backup provides customers with the leading remote backup service in the UK. Our service is reliable, easy to use and above all, it is secure.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on a traditional backup solution to store your business critical data, make sure that your data is backed up safely and securely by the experts.

Reasons to use Our Online Backup.

Traditional data backup to tape is a thing of the past – Our Online backup is the future. If you need a good reason to use Our Online Backup then why not choose from one of the many below…

A Cost effective backup solution.

With a traditional data backup solution there is always the need to purchase expensive backup hardware, software and media. And as your data out grows your backup system, this backup solution will need to be entirely replaced.


Our Online backup is far more cost effective than other traditional backup methods. There is no need to purchase any hardware or software and the amount of storage space you require can be increased or decreased at your convenience.

A reliable backup solution.

Backup tapes are subject to wear and tear. They have a limited lifespan and a high failure rate after frequent use. Tape devices also require regular maintenance to insure the read/write heads have not been damaged or worn.


A successful backup of your data can never be guaranteed with a traditional backup solution.


Our online Backup guarantee a 100% restore success rate when using our Online Backup solution. There is never a need to replace hardware or software and no on-going maintenance is ever required.

A secure backup solution.

Our Online Backup is one of the most secure backup solutions in the world. The security of your data is our highest priority and every possible step is taken to ensure that the security of your data is NEVER compromised. Our backup platform has military grade security and our UK based data centres have state of the art security with full time security staff. See our dedicated security page to find out more.

A fast and simple way to restore data.

Restoring data with a traditional backup solution isn’t easy. An IT specialist will need to visit the server room, find the correct media, run the backup software and then attempt to restore the data. A successful restore will only be successful if the data was backup up correctly and there were no technical issues with the backup media.  


With Online Backup, restoring your data takes a matter of seconds. Authorised users can easily find and restore their data through an easy to use web based application that is accessible from any pc in the world that has an internet connection.  

Unrivalled customer support

Our Online Backup is supported by a team of dedicated full time professional IT Support engineers that that fully trained in every aspect of supporting Our Online Backup services. Whether you require technical support or support with accounts and billing issues, our team are always on hand to provide a fast and friendly service.

Scheduled reports.

Our Online Backup software has been designed to send an automated report to the user on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This detailed report includes details such as;


  • If the backup was successful.
  • What data was backed up.
  • Any errors that occurred during backup.

On-going investment in technologies’.

Our Online Backup constantly invests in the latest hardware and software technologies to ensure that our online backup service is always one step ahead of the competition.

Contact us to find out more.

If you are interested in finding out more about our professional online backup solutions then contact a member of our team today, alternatively visit our request a call-back page.




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