Welcome To the Future of Online Backup

Our Online Backup provides customers with the leading remote backup service in the UK. Our service is reliable, easy to use and above all, it is secure.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on a traditional backup solution to store your business critical data, make sure that your data is backed up safely and securely by the experts.

Become a reseller of Online Backup solutions.

Our Online Backup is the number one product for businesses that wish to offer professional backup solutions to their customers.  Our referral and reseller programs are aimed at established companies within the IT Services industry. The benefits are plentiful and the rewards you can earn are unlimited.

Earn a recurring income.

Offer Our Online Backup to your business customers and earn a high recurring income. As your customer base grows, so will the financial rewards.

An unrivalled product in the backup industry.

By partnering with Our Online Backup, you will be offering your client base the most robust backup solutions available in the world today. Our software architecture is highly scalable and can cope with any service expansion requirements. Our web-based reseller management module is the perfect application for controlling and managing your clients.

Our Online Backup is fully brandable.

Our Online Backup has been designed to be fully brandable by other service providers. Our software skins can be self-designed and with our reseller customisation portal. Upload images and amend text to create a fully unique online backup application.

Professional reseller support.

All resellers are guaranteed a fast response pre-sales and after-sales support service. Any problems will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our backup support team and our pre-sales team are always on hand to answer any questions raised by potential clients.

Free marketing tools.

We can provide all of our resellers with a range of free marketing tools to help promote our products and services. These tools include leaflets, whitepapers, product packaging and PowerPoint presentations. These marketing tools can be can be amended to suit your needs. We can also provide high resolution source files for brochures and leaflets which are ideal for mass production.

Partnership options.

There are various options available for potential Our Online Backup partners. Here is an overview of partnership schemes available;

Referral Partnership.

The referral partnership is our ‘entry level’ program. The referral partnership scheme is based on the amount of referral’s that are converted to clients. We do all the hard work while you earn commission for every successful referral provided.


  • Provide your customer details using the provided Online Backup referral form.
  • If the referral is successful then we install the software and provide the service.
  • You earn commission based on the amount of storage space purchased by the client.

Authorised Reseller Partnership.

This reseller partnership program is designed for IT Support companies and IT Consultants who will be responsible for sales, installation and support of Our Online Backup. The rewards are greater and our solutions will be provided at wholesale prices.


All reseller partners are provided with the following;


  • Full technical product training program.
  • Installation assistance (if required)
  • Support provided by our senior technical engineers.
  • Sales meeting assistance from our senior customer service advisors.
  • Discounts for bulk orders.

Contact us to find out more.

If you are interested in our referral partnership or becoming an authorised reseller then contact a sales associate today on 0208 498 2200


To protect both parties, you are prepared to abide by non-disclosure and non-competition agreements that must be signed before discussions commence.




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