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Online Backup - Apple Macintosh Installation.

How do I install the software? 

Follow the easy install guide below in order to setup the software. 

Minimal System Requirements:

•Operating System : Mac OS X v10.x
•Memory : 128 Mbytes
•Disk Space : 20 Mbytes
•Network Protocol : TCP/IP (Http/Https)
•Additional Requirement:
‚ó¶Apple Java2 Standard Edition 1.3.x or above must be installed already.

Setup Guide:

1. Click on the link below, download the setup file and run it:



 2. Expand the archive and run the installation wizard [OurOBM] within the archive.
3. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to complete the installation.
4. Restart your Mac. Double click the desktop OurOBM icon to start.
5. (optional) Enter the backup server host name in the [Address] field and press the [Next] button.
6. If you don't have a backup account, register a trial user by the following steps:
i.Enter the [Login Name], [Password] and [Confirm Password] of your choice.
ii.Enter your [Email] in the text field provided.
iii.Press the [Submit] button.
iv.You should be logged to the backup server already (if the [Login Name] of your choice is already taken by another user, try a different login name).
7. If you have a backup account already, select [already a user?] and logon to the server with your existing username and password.
8. If this is your first time logging into the server, you will be guided to create a backup set:


i.Enter a backup set name of your choice in the [Name] field and choose the type of backup set in the [Type] field.
ii.Select the files that you want to backup.
iii.Setup the backup schedule by pressing the [Add] button (please note that you can add multiple backup schedules to a backup set and please select the "Run scheduled backup on this computer" checkbox if you would like to run Continuous Data Protection (CDP)).
iv.Setup the encryption setting for your backup set (if you don't know much about encryption, just accept the default values here).
v.Press the [OK] button to complete the configuration of backup set. 
Scheduled backup will run automatically if you leave your computer on.
9. To run a backup immediately, click [Backup] button on the left panel, select the backup set and press [OK] button.
10. Setup completed.

Are you having a problem setting up the Online Backup Software?

Contact a member of our support team on 0845 129 9940 for friendly assistance.





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