Welcome To the Future of Online Backup

Our Online Backup provides customers with the leading remote backup service in the UK. Our service is reliable, easy to use and above all, it is secure.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on a traditional backup solution to store your business critical data, make sure that your data is backed up safely and securely by the experts.

Online Backup for Desktops, Laptops and Server Networks.

There are many businesses organisations that still use traditional methods to backup their business critical data. Most of these businesses are still unaware that backup solutions such as tape drives and external hard disks are old technologies that are unreliable, unsecure and prone to human error.


The flaws of previous generation backup solutions have the potential to compromise the existence of your entire business. And with 70% of businesses that experience major data loss going out of business within 18 months, can you really afford to risk the future of your business by ignoring the backup solution of the future?  


Don’t underestimate the value of your business critical data. Without it you do not have a business.


Our Online Backup provides businesses across the world with a trusted online backup solution that takes away the responsibility of ensuring a daily backup.  Our user friendly automated data storage technologies provide the end user with a backup and restore process that requires little thought and ensures business continuity.


If you care about the security, availability and integrity of your data then our data storage technologies are the only solution worthy of consideration. You will no longer will you have to invest in expensive backup hardware and software and because the service is automated, you will no longer have to worry about changing your tapes or taking home that external hard drive.

What can be backed up?

Pc’s and workstations.

Our backup service is perfect for backing up individual workstations or an unlimited group of pc’s. Whether you are a small business or a large blue chip organisation, we have the technology to meet your requirements.


Our laptop specific solution is tailor made for users on the move. Never miss another backup schedule again. See our laptop Backup Solutions page for more information.


Our network backup technologies are designed to backup a single server or network backup of a multi-server environment.  See our Online Backup For Servers page for more information.

A free trial is only a click away.

You can use our evaluation software completely free of charge for 30 days. When you have decided that our online backup solution is the best, we can simply upgrade your trial version to an account of any size.




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