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Our Online Backup provides customers with the leading remote backup service in the UK. Our service is reliable, easy to use and above all, it is secure.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on a traditional backup solution to store your business critical data, make sure that your data is backed up safely and securely by the experts.

The launch of the new online backup website.


This month we have launched the new online backup website, the previous website was over 7 years old so to say it was overdue a facelift was an understatement. 


So the new website is up and running and although there are still a few jobs that need to completed (the news section as an example) we are pretty much up and running. This website uses the Drupal CMS so it is one hell of a lot easier to administrate compared to the old HTML site that was quite frankly a pain the backside.


New website features.


Firstly, the navigation is much improved. It is now a lot easier to find your way around the site without getting lost. We now also have dedicated pages for our new products and services, these include;


Online Backup solutions for laptop users. The perfect backup solution for people on the go.


Our Brick level email backup solution which is a GODSEND for any business that is dependent on their email. Restore entire email inboxes or just individual emails at the touch of a button.


Disaster recovery solution. Restore your entire network infrastructure that’s to the wonders of Virtualisation.


On top of that, we also have a page dedicated to the advantages of online backup and another page about the reasons to use online backup.


We also have a nice new blog section (which you are reading now) and a news section that contains news about our industry.


We have moved office!!!


Our Online Backup has now moved office. We have nice new office facilities in Queen Street, London EC4. Visit the contact us page to find out more about our new location and feel free to drop by if you want to discuss our services with us.


Anyway we hope you like the new site and thanks for stopping by.




Latest news section coming soon.

The latest news section is a new addition to our website. we...